G. Booth Lusteg,     

Pro Athlete  and Christian Servant 


My dad, Booth, a resident of Plantation, FL. was a lifelong mentor, motivator, and inspirer to me and many others. As a role model, he witnessed for the Lord at almost every opportunity, and not only excelled athletically but also academically. He played pro football (as defensive back, kicker, and punter) for such teams as the Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Buffalo Bills. He held a field-goal record, led the league in scoring one year, and earned MVP in 3 different leagues – the AFL, NFL, and WFL.

He played semi – Pro baseball 2 years, led the team in stolen bases, played on state basketball teams, set an all-time record in point scoring, was inducted to the Sports Hall of Fame, and earned money in Fla. tennis. He also founded the “Booth Lusteg Kicking School,” and “Kicking For Christ,” a free camp for underprivileged youth, he produced and sold audiotapes on mind control for the kicker, and was a member of the F. C. A.

In addition, he earned his Master’s Degree in Number Theory, wrote many sports and social/political articles published in newspapers around the country, and authored a book entitled, “Kick Rejection and Win.” He was in the Army, flew planes, had his real estate license, his certificate in psychology, and became ordained in the ministry. He didn’t overlook the field of music either as he had a stint at singing solo at church a few times. He also had a law changed in Dade County pertaining to criminals, acted in a few major motion pictures and in off – Broadway plays to boot. A few of his endeavors were owning/renting out/managing several properties, continuing to brush up on his Spanish – speaking skills, and when someone once told him he could never grow roses in the soil he had, he not only grew them, they thrived in different colors!

My dad was my tennis coach since I was 9, and traveled with me to tournaments in the U.S. and abroad for many years. He never stop being optimistic and encouraging. We won Father – Daughter State Doubles and Mixed Doubles 35’s division tournaments. We were very close, sharing many of the same thoughts and ideas about philosophy, religion, and astronomy. He gave me much positive mental training. He would teach me to “Take the positive out of a negative,” “Nothing takes the place of persistence, talent will not genius will not….” and “It’s not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up.” He instilled many values in me through being so disciplined with the foods he ate, always making sure he exercise, not smoking, drinking, or swearing, and hardly ever missing church. Two pastors whom he spoke to often and thought highly of were Dr. Donald Jones and Dr. Norm Wise.

Like his great-grandfather, the late William Booth, who founded the Salvation Army, my dad wanted to be remembered for one of his last words which was, “Others.” For many years, he helped others by donating money to charities, and ministries (a few of his favorites being “Choose Life Ministries,” “Joni and Friends,” “Love and Compassion Ministries,” and Dr. Kennedy’s “Coral Ridge Ministries”), and by giving to friends and their friends who needed It. I can always count on him to be there day or night. He was confident and courageous yet humble and patient. He was more compassionate than most people I know, concerned about any little health ailment of family or friends. He never hesitated to speak up for me and help fight my battles. I could take on the world knowing he was by my side. Sometimes he would bend the rules, saying, “It’s the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law.”

Over the years, his main goal was to impact many souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ. When he retired he felt convicted to share the Word of God with his many as he could by writing articles on biblical subjects, frequently handing out Bible tracks, and traveling around the southeastern U.S. giving sermons at churches, men’s groups, and youth groups. Three main topics he chose to speak on were: “The Irrefutable Evidence of the Resurrection,” “Why the Bible Is the True and Only Word of God,” and “Why Didn’t God Answer My Prayers and Then Did?” He read 26 books alone on the subject of creation vs. evolution. He vacationed in Costa Rica where he said he handed out 1,200 Bible tracks during one trip.

In 1997, my dad was a passenger in a car accident. He bore the brunt of the impact sustaining several broken ribs, a deep gash in his head, and a collapsed right lung. Prayers were answered as my dad’s lung was restored but he was exposed to an extremely high amount of x-rays in that area which later proved to be where a mass appeared.

In May ‘09, he was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer (adenocarcinoma) and it had spread to his spine. He fought courageously for 3 years, 2 months. During this trying time he continued to travel to give sermons and motivational speeches. He also did a little jogging, played a little tennis, and received many holistic treatments by I.V. He invited his nurses to Bible study (who joined him), and even gave out tracks to people while riding in the ambulance! He would sign his name with “CF” beside it which stood for “Con-Firm the Christian Faith.”

The last 6 months he had endured a lot of pain, a ton of pills and supplements, and the loss of movement in his leg and then his arm, but never complained nor shed a tear, and was faithful to the end. His mother had said to him, “Don’t get old Jer, whatever you do, don’t get old.” Ironically, he didn’t. He was a great protector and provider who lived well below his means. He was self – taught in various forms of carpentry so he was able to do many repairs for the family as well. He supported whatever made me happy and was devoted to my mom Carol, me, and my young daughter, Linae (who always called him “Gooster”). He also leaves behind a brother Walt Lusteg and sister Jackie Joy Shea.

I never missed a day praying for him the past few years and we were all hoping for a miracle but we know it was the Lord’s will and timing to call him to his eternal home the summer of 2012. My dad, Booth is greatly missed, and I can’t wait to see him again. He was truly my hero.



Lisa Lusteg – Bennett,   2012



Guest Speaker Boothe Lusteg CBMC 1995
Guest Speaker Boothe Lusteg CBMC 1995